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Lima, Peru- A 2 Day Guide (Come Hungry!)

Lima Region, Lima Region, Peru
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We were sad to say goodbye to Colombia, but eager to discover Peru, we landed in Lima to start Country #2. This time we had a little twist in our plans, as my wife’s parents came to meet us to see Peru. We began our big city experience how we like to do all, FREE walking tours! We toured Plaza de Armas, also known as Plaza Mayor, it is one of the most historic plazas in the city. The square includes the Government Palace, Lima Cathedral, the Archbishop’s Palace, the Municipal Palace, and the Palace of the Union. At the center of the plaza is a fountain that dates all the way back to the 1600s – the history here is impressive for South America! Immediately after our tour it was time to eat ceviche. MUST DO. This popular seafood dish is made with raw fish that’s cured in lime (Peruvian little limes are amazing). The fish is then served with white corn, sweet potato, and red onions. After a little rest we set out at night to go to “El Circuito Mágico De Agua”. The Magic Water Circuit is a water and light show that takes place at night in Parque de la Reserva. This park has 13 water fountains that come to life with lasers, neon colors, and in some cases music. For the best experience make sure to go at night!Day 2: Lima’s coastline is extremely beautiful so we decided to walk and explore on our own. At any given moment you will see a combination of surfers and paragliders lining the horizon. On that same coastline we gazed out at the sea from Larcomar. Larcomar is an architectural marvel of indoor & Outdoor high-end shopping located in Miraflores. What makes it so unique is that it has been built on a cliff overlooking the Pacific Ocean. People come here to shop at the boutiques, eat dinner, or enjoy a cup of frozen yogurt with a view. Our next mini adventure was our favorite! (Foodies Tour on TripAdvisor). Our guide Daniel provided us with much more than just a gastronomic experience as he would explain the culture, history & current events now happening in Lima. We walked across the Bridge of Sighs. It may not seem like much, but this wooden bridge known as El Puente de los Suspiros has inspired many musicians and artists over the years. In Barranco, the hipster neighbor to Miraflores, we found a bit of an artsy/bohemian vibe and it’s where people go out at night. Here you’ll find a mixture of art galleries, cafes, bars, restaurants, and lots of street art. Lucky for us, Daniel has a relationship with many of the patrons in the area so we tried a variety of foods, including cow heart! Sorry! All in all we had to squeeze everything in Lima in just two days but you can bet we will be back to see more & of course EAT!
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Reserve Park
Reserve Park
Some may call it touristy but at the end of the day it is beautiful. It is different. It’s truly a magical place.

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I'm going to try and travel this far north!