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Life in the Maldives

Maafushi, North Central Province, Maldives
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Maldivians were extremely friendly towards us during our stay in their country. Always with a smile on their faces and initiating conversation, they were captivating people and their only complaint to us was that it gets boring to live there. “There is nothing to do here,” we often heard. While for us the island nation was idyllic and heavenly, I can imagine how living here every single day would dull even the prettiest scenery.

Strictly Muslim, alcohol and pork items were banned from local islands. If Maldivians get caught drinking, the punishment is very severe and they go directly to jail. Those items can be found only on resort or inhabited islands, or a party boat anchored a few meters away from the shore. We were approached many times for a free transfer to the party boat. We did not want to find out just how expensive alcohol here would be.
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