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Lido Beach

Lido Beach, NY, United States
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I never realized even after 20 years of living nearby that there is such a large beach people community in and near NYC. I especially did not realize that there are 50s era beach camps/social clubs that families can belong to al along the southern shore of the island. I have mentioned the Malibu Beach club before but it's worth mentioning again because it is such a pleasant place to spend a beach day that historically, like Memorial Day, is a huge crazy mess> Nearby Merrick has lots of places to shop and eat, and there are snacks and refreshments and tshirts and stuff for sale in the beach camps themselves.
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Points of interest

Boswell's Deli of Merrick
a good place for egg sandwiches or prepared salads for beach picnics. The coffee is downright awful though

Special activities

Adult Health N.P., PLLC
If the sun has gotten to your skin and you are seeking treatment Val is very good
Malibu Beach Camp
Malibu Beach Camp
a fun family place to be at the beach but outside the fray

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by gabrielvh7


I love this place. What a blast from the past. There really won't be more places like this in the future.