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Licancabur volcano and its lagoon in the crater

Oruro Department, Oruro Department, Bolivia
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In the middle of 2 nations, Chile and Bolivia, is the Licancabur volcano. Very close to the Portezuelo del Cajón pass, this great massif stands out for its 5,916 meters of height and its unparalleled view that spans from the oasis of San Pedro de Atacama, the Salar de Atacama and the Laguna Verde in Bolivia.On the Bolivian side, this volcano is part of the Eduardo Avaroa Andean Fauna National Reserve. There it rubs shoulders with other important tourist attractions of the neighboring country, the Laguna Verde and a large reserve of Andean Flamingos.His name is of Kunza origin and means People of Above or of the Mountain.
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Towards the south of San Pedro de Atacama , the passage through the Town of Toconao stands out

Points of interest

The "long return" as this activity is known, after the Geisers, goes down to Caspana
Calle el Tatio
o go to Tatio, you must get up at least 4 and a half in the morning on regular tours and by car not to exceed 5 a quarter
El Tatio
Many people who visit San Pedro de Atacama on tour or on your own car, program the exit of the village on the excursion to the Tatio Geysers
Salar de Aguas Calientes
Salar de Aguas Calientes , where you can spot a large number of vicuñas.
Sico Pass
Going to the Sico pass , you can see more attractions
Cerro Miscanti
The Miscanti and Meñiques Lagoons are attractions that stand out over 4 thousand meters.
Miscanti Lake
Following on the route to Miscanti and Meñiques , the Town
the Lascar volcano and the Legía Lagoon stand out . In this same interior road
Los Flamencos National Reserve
belonging to the Los Flamencos National Reserve , where you can see large numbers of flamingos
Santiago de Río Grande
The road to Santiago de Río Grande or Río Grande
Valle del Arcoiris
Towards the other side of San Pedro de Atacama , we can highlight the Valle del Arcoiris
Salar de Pujsa
Before arriving there, one should go through the Salar de Pujsa
the sector of Guatín, where giant cactuses can be seen.
Río Grande
and Santiago de Río Grande , emerging attractions in San Pedro de Atacama
Licancabur volcano. Mintutes before, you can see The Great Dune with the light of dusk and the lights and shadows that are shown, between rows of people who walk it.
The three Marias Valley of the Moon
just 3 kilometers from the city, the Valley of the Moon
Pukará de Quitor
Outside the urban limits and as attractions that can be done on foot or by bicycle, the most important Pukará de Quitor
Iglesia San Pedro
In the plane of the city they emphasize the Church of San Pedro de Atacama
Geiser del Tatio
Geisers del Tatío , among many other attractions over 4 thousand meters.
Salar de Tara
Thus the following climbs will not be so problematic, to places such as Salar de Tara
You can also use your own vehicle and get from Antofagasta to just under 3,000 meters high and four and a half hours of travel.
San Pedro de Atacama
then by land you must travel to San Pedro de Atacama by the route ch-23
To get to the volcano, you must first pass through Calama

Special activities

you can reach the border with Bolivia in the Huaitiquina sector

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