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Levitating Olympic Gods

St Petersburg, Russia, 190013
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As you enter the Hermitage’s Winter Palace in St Petersburg, Russia, you enter into the Jordan Hall. The beauty of the Jordan Hall and the Jordan Staircase will take you aback. The ceiling of the Jordan Hall has a breathtaking mural painted by Diziano Gasparo, an Italian painter, showing Olympic Gods levitating into the clouds. This mural is bordered by a golden border and surrounded by seated Gods and intricate wood molding highlighted with gold. There is just too much to take in as you walk through the Jordan Hall with a tour group. I try to listen to the guide but my attention is drawn to taking photos for lasting memories.
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State Hermitage Museum
State Hermitage Museum
During your visit to the Hermitage Museum you can see this beautiful mural painted on the ceiling of the Jordan Hall

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