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Les Saveurs of Saint-Malo, France

St-Malo, Brittany, France
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Saint-Malo is in western Brittany, now more accessible thanks to high-speed trains. It's home to Jacques Cartier and while the city was largely destroyed in World War II, it has been nearly perfectly reconstructed and is where many French go for summer vacations. While there, you will eat very well, especially if you like seafood. I ate at four different restaurants while in Saint-Malo: Le Restaurant Grand Bé at the hotel, Borgnefesse, L'Absinthe and L'Entre Deux Verres. All were superb, with fresh fish and often very reasonable full prix fixe menus at quite reasonable prices. Everything within the city is walkable if you are staying intra muros (inside the walls), so you need at most 10 minutes to walk to your destination. Some of the great foods I had were a salmon salad with lobster and shrimp, curried mussels and fish, sole meunière, and Dover sole with 'local flavors'.
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Restaurant L'Absinthe
One of the finest restaurants in the city, L'Absinthe did not disappoint with my sole with 'local flavors' and baked apricot nougat.
L'Entre Deux Verres
This restaurant is in the center of town and is very small but don't let that fool you. I was initially disappointed that they only had a prix fixe menu for lunch but it was delicious, including the curried mussels and fish and followed by crème brûlée.
Grand Bé
This is the fantastic hotel where I stayed (one of the best in the world IMHO). The restaurant had the best sole meunière I have ever had!
La Cantine du Corsaire-Le Borgnefesse
Here is where I had the wonderful salmon salad with half lobster and shrimp. Scrumptious.

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