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Leopold's Ice Cream in Savannah

Savannah, GA, United States
20 Kudos
I love the slow, relaxing feel of Savannah, Georgia. I also love ice cream. So when you find an amazing ice cream shop in Savannah, you have to make your way inside.

Leopold's is an award winning ice cream shop, so obviously it is going to be a delicious treat. They have common and unique flavors, so we opted for chocolate, coffee chocolate chip and one with macaroons( though the name escapes me. ) They even had a sorbet that my laces intolerant husband could get - something that isn't usually available when we find a good ice cream shop.

Though we didn't get any, they did have a selection of sundaes, sandwiches and soups to try. They looked delicious and were price appropriately for the area.
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Leopold's Ice Cream
Leopold's Ice Cream
Great variety of ice cream and foods. Priced about right for the area. Super delicious ice cream.

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