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Lark Toys - so much more than a toy store!

Kellogg, MN, United States
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Yes, Lark Toys is a great toy store, but that’s not what makes it a tourist destination in southeastern Minnesota. They describe themselves as “a magical retreat where children of all ages find delights old & new” and that’s a perfect description. It all started 30 years ago with a couple making hand-carved pull toys for their son. This grew into a small factory with a retail outlet on the premises. They expanded to include classic toys like dolls and puppets and marbles and building toys. They set up a few display cases of vintage and antique toys, which became a toy museum. And then they started carving the carousel. Nine years later, the carousel was fully stocked with intricate carved animals and it started to turn. And it’s not just for show – kids can ride it for $2. There are more brightly painted fantastical animals hanging from the walls and a stegosaurus poking its head out of a cave. Oh, and a snack bar and a miniature golf course. My husband and I spent two or three delighted hours here, and can hardly wait until our granddaughter is old enough!
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For kids

One of the top 10 toy stores in the world - PLUS a hand carved carousel!

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