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Lambeau Field and Hell?

Green Bay, WI, United States
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People are often surprised that a professor would be interested in sports, but I am a huge NFL fan (Patriots). Now that training camp has begun I'm getting excited. I have a lot of friends in Wisconsin and while visiting them over the Christmas holidays a few years back, I decided to drive from Milwaukee to Green Bay as a kind of pilgrimage to Lambeau Field on New Year's Day. Twice I ended up in Upper Michigan, as I thought there would be an exit for Lambeau Field. Silly me! Vince Lombardi Drive was the proper exit. I also got to take my friends to a pre-season Pats-Packers game there one year, which was a real thrill because the Pats won big :). However, wearing a Tom Brady jersey and carrying a sign for then Patriot now sportscaster Tedy Bruschi didn't endear me to the locals and the woman behind me threw beer on my head.

BTW, I only learned via teaching about French Canadian exploration of North America that while almost every place name in Wisconsin is native or French, the only real settlement the French made in the state was in Green Bay. They called it, for reasons I will leave my readers to judge, "La baie des puants" [Stinking Bay]. This is not a slur on the Packers since they are my favorite NFC team, esp. with Aaron Rodges, but I do love to tell this to my friends in Wisconsin :).
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