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Lalish Temple of Kurdistan!

Nineveh Governorate, Nineveh Governorate, Iraq
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After grabbing a delicious and proper local lunch, we headed straight to the Lalish Temple. Considered to be the holiest temple for Yazidis, it is located in the Shiekhan region of Northen Iraq situated between three mountains. The Yazidis were very welcoming when we arrived to their community / temple. It is important to be with a guide to tell you their traditions upon entering the holy place. For one, you cannot enter with shoes and they also have rules and traditions to be followed once you enter the temple. I learned so much about the Yazidis and the temple itself during my visit here. It's amazing to see the temple that dates back about 4,000 years. I believe this part of the Iraq has one of the most significant population of Yazidis in the world. The temple and its ground is well managed and very peaceful and filled with their faith's status and symbols. Highly recommend coming here.
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Royal Jordanian Airline
Royal Jordanian Airlines is a great choice if you are flying from Amman to Erbil.
Erbil International Airport
Erbil's international airport is not too far from the city center. make sure to arrange your ride with your hotel.


Erbil View Hotel
Erbil view Hotel located very close to the city center and also the citadel. great choice for a short stay,

Points of interest

Kurdistan was a mystery to me. Visiting this place I was definitely surprised with its nature, welcoming people EVERYWHERE, and all the historical sights waiting to be discovered by visitors.
Mount Korek
Korek Mountains can be seen when you take a road trip towards the Hamilton Road in Kurdistan.
The citadel was about 10 - 15 minutes walk from the hotel so I made sure to come here for some street food and souvenir shopping.
Erbil is pretty amazing. I had such a wonderful experience checking out its sight, nature, and of course the local food scene!
Lalish Temple is the holiest place for the Yazidi people. Make sure to have a local guide with you when visiting this holy place.
Shekan is where the Lalish temple is located which is North of Iraq.

Special activities

Rabban Hermizd Chaldean Monastery
The Rabban Hormizd Monastary is carved out of the side of the mountain.

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