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Lake Bunyonyi

Kabale, Western Region, Uganda
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We allocated one night of our Africa trip to check out Lake Bunyonyi. We wanted to see yet another type of landscape, and it seemed like a good way to break up the trip from Volcanoes park in Rwanda to Bwindi in Uganda. Bunyonyi is a very scenic lake, with lots of arms and inlets, and a couple dozen islands scattered around it including the upside-down island, which legend says got turned over due to the inhospitality of the residents. It's supposedly safe to swim in Lake Bunyonyi, it being free of things big (hippos) and small (giardia) that would ruin your swim. We still chose not to, although we did see others swimming at our hotel. Some of the others we met were enjoying relaxing at the lake for a few days, but for us, while we were glad we stopped, one night was enough.
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Supreme Adventure Park Bunyonyi
We saw this adventure park (ziplining, etc) from our lake cruise, but didn't go there.


BirdNest Resort Ecco
We saw this historical and upscale hotel from the lake on our boat ride.
Craterbay Cottages And Camp Lake Bunyonyi
We stayed in cottages at this hotel. Pretty good food in their restaurant.

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Lake Bunyonyi
Lake Bunyonyi
A large and very scenic lake with many islands on it.

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