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Laguna Miñiques

Tilomonte, Región de Antofagasta, Chile
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Laguna Miñiques is another lake next to the Laguna Miscanti. Both lakes are visited together and volcanic peak Cerro Miñiques stands right behind of the Laguna Miñiques. It is located at 13,520 feet above the sea level and you can definitely feel the high altitude's thin air. I went through Bolivian Altiplano as high as 16,500 feet, so I was feeling OK though. Laguna Miñiques is a small lake but amazingly beautiful teal blue color lake, especially with the background of the Cerro Miñiques. The lake is known to be fed by Laguna Miscanti right next it by seepage, but separated by volcanic lava flow. Like many lagunas around the area, there is no drain for the lake that makes the lake salty and rich in mineral contents.
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