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Frailejones only grow in the altitude known as paramo - a...

El Cocuy, Boyacá, Colombia
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The hike from our campground atop pulito del diablo to Laguna Grande de la Sierra was...treacherous. The route was unclear, and we had only our gps to guide us in the right direction. Rather than a trail, you simply walk over slippery, ankle threatening rock falls. In parts, this required a scramble that neared on low grade bouldering.

It took us well over 7 hours to hike only 4 kilometers. As we started to pass by lakes, we took a chance to wash our faces in the icy cold glacial water.

The way was hard, but when we finally made it to Laguna Grande de la Sierra, we were well rewarded. We camped near a gorgeous lake with a view of 3 glaciers, Concavito, Tito, and Pan de Azucar with its gorgeous Pulpito del Diablo.

We spent 2 nights at this campground - we figured with as hard as it was to hike (and as hard as it would be to hike down), we couldn't give this only one day.
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