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Lacomar - A luxury shopping mall by the Peruvian Pacific

Miraflores, Metropolitan Municipality of Lima, Peru
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The new town of Peru's capital city of Lima Miraflores has a few central points where people gather together. Lacomar is a shopping mall placed atop the coastal cliff where you can have a great view of the raging Peruvian Pacific Ocean and beautiful coastal highway that looks strikingly similar to the California 101 near Santa Monica. The shopping mall is an upscale mall which has a lot of known brands but also including some of the most common American franchises like Chili's, TGI Fridays and fast food chains like Burger Kings, Pizza Hut and KFC. There is also Starbucks and Juan Valdez Coffee which you can see in most of the upscale malls in South America. It is a good place to chill especially because it is right next to the ocean and reasonably away from the hectic Lima traffic.
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