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La Sagrada Familia

Barcelona, CT, Spain
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La Familia Sagrada is one of those places that you go when you are in Barcelona. This amazing basilica has been under construction for over 135 years and is not expected to be completed before 2026. That's okay with me, because you can still see the insane beauty of the basilica, even with a few construction cranes around. We paid about $70 for our family of five to get basic tickets. Like you get to walk in and check it out and that's it. For more money you can schedule tours, get audio guides, go up the 400 stairs to the tower etc. We were fine with just sitting inside with our mouths wide open in awe. Even if you don't want to go inside, make sure you stop to see the outside.
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Metropolitan Sagrada Familia
This metro stop will dump you off right at the foot of the basilica.

Points of interest

Plaça de Gaudí
Another plaza right by the basilica. Full of people selling stuff as well.
Plaça de la Sagrada Família
There are tons of people selling stuff here, but it isn't as crowded as the front of the basilica.
La Sagrada Familia
La Sagrada Familia
It is very expensive just for the basic tickets, but it is quite beautiful inside. Lines to get in are long so buy your tickets online. Expect security that is tighter than security at the airport
I would spend at least 5 days here to explore all that this city has to offer.


Chill Bar
We went to this restaurant after we visited the basilica. They had great tapas and drinks and the waiter even danced with our son.

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