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La Sagrada Familia: The longer you look, the more there is to look at!

Barcelona, CT, Spain
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The most anticipated sight of my trip to Barcelona did not disappoint. La Sagrada Familia -- Antoni Gaudi's yet-unfinished architectural masterpiece -- is at once beautiful and gaudy. From the outside, one could stare at the facade for hours and still find new points of interest. There are biblical stories, of course, but there are also signs and symbols and shapes, animals and insects, fruits and other surprising elements at every glance. Be sure to walk around the entire building and view it from every angle. The scene changes with every step you take.

Inside is no different. The most surprising aspect to me was Gaudi's ability to "paint" with light and color. One one side, light shining through predominantly blue and green stained glass shines on white vaulted ceilings, emulating air, earth and water. Directly opposite, a set of mostly red, yellow and orange glass windows shine to imitate sun and fire.

The crucifix above the high alter hangs below a canopy strung with grapes and candles, continuing the beauty of light and nature throughout the site. Behind is a gold triangle high up in the vaulted area, which symbolizes the holy trinity. This is an amazing location and one I could visit time and time again.
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La Sagrada Familia
Gaudi's architectural masterpiece is amazing. I could stand and look up at it all day long.

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