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La Manzanilla is a little piece of paradise in Mexico

La Manzanilla, Jal., Mexico
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La Manzanilla is a little coastal paradise not far from where were staying with family in Ajijic. I am happy to report that getting outside of Ajijic has lead to feeling a little less like I am in expatland and reminds me more than I am in Mexico. The beach is just really gorgeous and really a perfect temperature at this time of year. Personally I would rather stay on the coast the whole time but alas, the fam is really stuck on Ajijic as a retiree village and, lucky for me! looking to buy a house there! It makes me happy to know that I can always do a long weekend in Manzanilla to get my beachfront fix.
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Crocodile Bar and Cabañas
A place on the beach where you can get breakfast lunch or dinner

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