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Krakow Stands Comparison with Prague or Budapest With Ease

Kraków, Lesser Poland Voivodeship, Poland
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I took my family and including my young sons to Krakow and we had the blast. I believe ORD offers the only direct flight from the U.S., but you can also connect through many European cities. Krakow is not nearly as popular among American tourists as Budapest and Prague, but in my opinion, it easily outshines both. The city is living history and is former capital city of Poland with Wawel Royal Castle that turned into huge museum where you can admire royal interiors, jewelry, and armory. Krakow has very impressive center square with two-towered St. Mary's Basilica at one of its corners. The Basilica dates to 14th century and it contains unique all-wooden altar sculptured by Wit Stwosz from Nuremberg in the 15th century. You will stop at Sukiennice- a massive building towards the center of the square that houses many merchant shops. I recommend to try out the restaurant "U Hawelka" that is famous for traditional dishes. There are many good hotels in Krakow, but we stayed at Holliday Inn, very closely located to the center.
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