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Kingaroos: Euro stylin'? You are stylin'!

Hinsdale, IL, United States
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For all you Polish people out there with Babcias, mad respect. You can't argue with Babcia (Grandma) because Babcia knows best. So when Babcia wants to buy hip European made shoes, she drags us over to Kingaroos in Hinsdale. While the Polish gal that runs the stores is actually a small business owner and frazzled mom who both looks and acts the part, she has some rather neat shoes for the smaller kiddos. Much of what you find in her shop are well known European brands that are made in the European country of origin and she is very proud of this fact. She is brutal to the brands who've sold out to China and seen their quality and customer base evaporate and does not mind letting you know. She knows her stuff and it is reflected in the shoes she offers. If you want something unique for kids footwear, this is your spot.
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