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King's Diner

Herforst, RP, Germany
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King's Diner was a meal of convenience. We were exploring small town Herforst and we were hungry. After viewing their Facebook page and deciding that their food looked pretty good, we headed on in. They had a variety of salads, pizzas, doner, hamburgers and more. We ended up grabbing a couple of salads for the adults and the kids got chicken nuggets and fries. Though our order was very easy and boring, the food was still delicious. The chicken nuggets were actual chicken and not the processed junk that us American's have grown to love. The salads had a homemade dressing that was delicious. The staff were friendly and helpful and the prices were really good.
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This small town has a lot of history. And a pretty good restaurant too!


King's Diner
King's Diner
They had a great variety of foods to enjoy and the staff were great!

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