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Killing an afternoon with FDR

Hyde Park, NY, United States
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After a wedding in the Hudson Valley that we'd traveled all the way from Seattle for my wife and I found ourselves with an empty Sunday afternoon to kill before our flight home. On our way south we ended up near the FDR national historic site and decided to check it out. The grounds are beautiful, but the museum was really the highlight of the park. We jumped in with a walking tour because we wanted to get in to see the mansion, but that portion of the visit ended up being our least favorite. The tour moved a little slowly, the mansion underwhelming and we didn't get as much time as we'd like in the museum because of it. I'd stick with a self guided tour if you're crunched for time.
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Home of Franklin D. Roosevelt National Historic Site
The walking tour was underwhelming, I'd stick with a self guided tour.

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