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If you are in Paris, I would recommend trying the pastrie...

Paris, Île-de-France, France
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Paris is considered by many to be the city of love and romance but can it also be the city of couples with children? This is the question me and my wife asked ourselves when deciding to take our children to France. Obviously, there are children in Paris, but how easy is it to take small children site-seeing around the city? I will provide the pluses and negatives based on our experiences as well as hopefully providing some quality insight and advice. Older children I am sure are far easier to haul around but in our case, we were taking a two-year-old and a three-year-old.

Strollers made getting around the city much easier, as well as taking the subway (I would recommend this over taxis). The transportation part was a breeze, but when it came to restaurants, however, this proved a little difficult. The restaurants we went to were not exactly kid-friendly. There were no kid menus, booster seats, and space inside the restaurant did not provide much room to place our strollers. This proved to be a challenge, but we managed to make it work. The food in each restaurant was amazing, and even though there were not child menus, there were still food choices that sufficed for our children.

The upside to taking small children, however, was visiting the museums. We started off by visiting the Louvre, arriving there forty minutes before opening. A large line of people had already assembled prior to our arrival, and it was pouring rain. Even though we had plastic protectors on the strollers to keep our kids dry, my wife and I were getting soaked. To our surprise, a Louvre employee told us to come to the very front of the line since we had children. This allowed us to be the first ones inside the museum, which also allowed us to get an up close and personal picture with the Mona Lisa without anyone else bombarding our photo.

Another upside for us was visiting the Eiffel Tower. Besides the beauty of the tower itself, we located a carousel nearby along with games and ice cream and crepe carts. There was also a huge lawn area for picnics, which worked out fantastic. This was the last leg of our trip, and it assured us in the end that although the restaurants were not the easiest with kids, everything else seemed to work out great. Paris is a beautiful city, and when it comes to kids, it can be somewhat difficult, but all in all very rewarding.
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