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Ein Gev, Israel
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I estimate that 99.99% of the people I know or will get to know have never heard of Ein Gev. For me, that's a bit of a disappointment because Ein Gev is my absolute favorite spot in Israel. I simply love it!

I actually worked there as a volunteer many years ago, but subsequently visited many times to enjoy both the Sea of Galilee and the beautiful countryside. Sunsets over the water are breathtaking and magical.

The weather in Ein Gev is really pleasant in winter which is nice, but they have brutally hot summers, so watch out and drink plenty of water! As far as things to do, I would definitely recommend seeing the kibbutz there for a few hours, taking a swim, then taking a hike up Susita hill for a great panorama of the area. If you're around for a few days, you can also make a day out of visiting some religious sites on the sea, or visiting the neighboring city of Tiberias.
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