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Kenya Safari

Kenya, Kenya
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I flew from Nairobi to the Masai Mara game reserve near the border of Kneya and Tanzania. The flight was a short 45 minutes. We landed on a dirt air strip and you could see zebra and gazelle grazing along the runway as we landed. We boarded a Land Rover and started the drive toward the Little Governor's Camp. On the drive we saw many more zebra and gazelle as well as wildebeest, hippo, two sets of male and female lions, water buffalo, topi, many different birds, and several other animals that I cannot recall their names. I was instantly amazed and the shear volume of animals that I saw in my first 5 minutes on the ground. I spent 2 nights at the Little Governors Camp which was amazing. The accommodations were very comfortable and the food was excellent. You could see animals from your tent. On subsequent game drives we saw elephant, giraffe, cheetah, mongoose, baboon, crocodile, hyena, warthog, and many other species.
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Little Governors' Camp
Little Governors' Camp
Excellent camp. Very comfortable. Great food. Saw many animals in camp.

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