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Kazun In Istria

Vodnjan, Istria County, Croatia
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When I first saw the unique and beautiful trulli houses of southern Italy in Puglia for the first time, I immediately remembered the Kazun of southern Istria in Croatia, made with much the same building technique. Just like the trulli, the Kazun is usually a one room, dry stone stacked (without mortar), and usually round structure. The greatest concentration of these buildings is in the southern part of the Istrian peninsula near the town of Vodnjan, just as the trullis are concentrated in southern Italy around Alberobello. Traditionally built as shelters for farmers and shepherds and their tools out in the fields, their is an artistry to the technique that is like piecing a puzzle together, rather than just simply stacking stones one atop the other. The layered and round construction is also effective for channeling and blocking the winds that whip the area during the winter, just as a curved wing lets the wind flow around it rather than buffeting it with a hard and flat surface. I've always been interested in construction and architecture, and these interesting structures are fascinating for the skill and expertise that went into their construction hundreds of years ago and have maintained their usefulness and many remain still today in this rural area of Croatia.
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