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Kangaroo at Brazillian Churrasco

Cairns, QLD, Australia
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It was a Friday and I was very hungry. Bushfire Flame Grill was very close to where I was staying in Cairns. I'm always a fan of a Brazillian churrasco. This was first time I had ever seen kangaroo on the list of meats they serve. It was definitely an Australian addition. I had already tried kangaroo a few years ago in Brisbane but decided to have another small piece at this meal also. They had the pineapple I like on the skewers. There was no buffet with it like the churrasco places usually have but the sides they brought out were more variety than most. The early bird special started at 5:30pm and you need to leave before 7pm. This made it a really good price for a good churrasco.
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by kozman


Did you start hopping after your meal?