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Just off the Appalachian Trail

Branchville, NJ, United States
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With the enthusiasm some of my city friends have been feeling for hiking the long trail I've really been getting to show off my North Jersey boondocks roots. There are a number of trails just adjacent to the AT where people can (and should) hike if they are just doing a short day hike, rather than burden the long trail hikers by bringing bigger crowds onto the AT, and I came across these marking just off the Appalachian Trail near Flatbrook. Growing up nearby I didn't realize the symbols are a mystery, but for any hikers who want to be in the know, one is a sign of what trail one is on and the other marks that if you keep going you will reach the trail terminus!
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Blairstown Diner
If you've ever wondered what a typical NJ diner is like, this is as good as it gets and if you are headed to the AT from the city this diner is on one of the two routes you might take to get there;)

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