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Jumping off of the Cliff!

Beenarourke, County Kerry, Ireland
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One of the coolest things to do in Beenarourke is to stop at the Lookout Point and go to see the Statue of the Virgin Mary. When I was looking at the Statue, it was an unbelievably windy day outside. Two of the kids were sitting on the picnic tables with our hair blowing all over the place waiting for me to get done looking at the snakes around Mary's feet. All of the sudden those two kids jumped up and went sprinting across the parking lot! My son flew over the ledge and I didn't know what the he** was going on. So I immediately went chasing after them to see what was going on. Here the wind grabbed his hat from his head (my hat that he took from me from our vacation in Jamaica!) and the wind carried it down into the valley of the mountain. He was chasing after it for about 10 minutes and after 10 minutes of running down through the valley, he came back up panting like a dog in heat with his hat in hand!! If you visit Ireland on a windy day, be sure to take your hat off and leave it in your car or strap it to your head really tight!

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Culture and experiences

Ring of Kerry
The Statues found around the Ring of Kerry will show you alot about the culture in Ireland. Ireland is a very religious country and many people who live there attend church on a weekly basis if not more often than just on Sunday. We had an interesting experience at this look out point caused by the wind around the area. If you come to this point on a windy day, be sure to leave your hat in your car unless you too want to go hiking down the mountain while chasing after it!
Celtic Whiskey Bar & Larder
If you would like to experience whiskey tasting, include this whiskey bar to your places to visit. They offer several different options to choose from for whiskey tasting experiences. We took the Whiskey and cheese pairing. The price was very reasonable for the experience and the service was incredible.

Points of interest

Old Killarney Village
If you want to stay just outside of town, Old Killarney Village offers some great homes to stay in for a reasonable price. The only problem with this place was the lack of WI-FI during the evening hours. But its to be expected when you're staying outside of city limits.
Beautiful waterfall located in the heart of Killarney National Forest and it is close to Killarney town. We visited this waterfall twice during our vacation and it was our favorite place in all of Ireland. Plan on spending at least a few hours here. Don't be in a hurry. If you hike to the top you will be rewarded with some incredible views of the mountain range from afar.
St Mary's Cathedral
Beautiful church that is located on the edge of town in Killarney. Worth a visit!
Ring of Kerry
For beautiful sites of the island with incredible views, plan to take a trip around the Ring of Kerry and don't forget to take a fully charged camera with you! The Ring of Kerri can take you all day to explore the countryside and if you drive slowly and stop along the way to relax and explore the trails. You can see ancient ruins, iconic old churches, peaks of mountains, great views of the ocean and so much more. Plan to be adventurous and ready to explore the outdoors when you plan this trip. Also keep in mind, it rains alot in the fall season, so bundle up with some rain gear!
Ring of Kerry Lookout and Car Park
Ring of Kerry Lookout and Car Park
Great place to go parking if your kids aren’t with you lol and great place to see the Mountain tops in the Forest. This lookout place is located right next to the Virgin Mary and it’s a big parking lot! We visited this area in the middle of November so the parking lot was empty and only one other car stopped during our visit. However, if you decide to come during the summer, I'm sure this parking lot is full of cars and people! Don't forget to bring your camera!!
I'm sure many people have lost their hats, phones, clothes, and kids lol off of the cliffs of Beenarourke! Hold on tight to your belongings or you too will get the thrilling experience of having to jump over the rocks to go get your treasured outerwear. I stood there being dumbfounded for a few seconds until I realized he literally JUMPED over the ledge!! I'm not a fan of heights so this kind of freaked me out! I had no idea if it was a straight drop down to some dangerous rocks or what the terrain looked like. One pointer to note, if you need to jump off the cliff, it is safe to do so, although I'm not recommending that you do it just for the fun of it!

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Action and adventure in the winds of Ireland.