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Rome, Lazio, Italy
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Ok guys, here's my first post on the board. Hope you dig my story :)

It was only 3 days after I was laid off from my very first corporate job in NYC, that I decided to take a leap of faith and purchase a cross Atlantic ticket to Europe. Already struggling to make ends meet at my apartment in lower manhattan, I took it upon myself to throw caution to the wind and fulfill a promise I made to myself; travel solo and shoot a documentary in Europe. Shout out to BarclayCard, those accumulated miles helped reduce the financial hit for me! Money aside, I had made the excuse that I was too busy in the past but now I had all the time in the world (haha)! I flew to Rome, Italy first. Kicked it there for a week and did an AirBnB (highly recommend) in Trastevere, which is the quite possibly the coolest place on earth. Medieval architecture, artsy vibes, great food & nightlife. I mean, it's freakin' Rome, guys. You already knew this! later I flew over to Split, Croatia, and not quite the culture shock I was expecting. EVERYONE spoke English and wanted to. All those crash courses on basic Croatian were for naught. I can assure you though, my Croatian came out after a few drinks. I finished by Euro Trip in Zagreb, the capital of Croatia. Zagreb was just fantastic. Bavarian feel with the same amazing passion and courteousness I had come to recognize in Split. I caught this amazing concert called "In Music Festival." Guys, if you're into great music spanning across pop, rock, & EDM and for dirt cheap (who's not?) then you HAVE to check this Summer concert out.Well folks, I had the most incredible time of my life and I learned a lot about myself especially because I went by myself. I met incredible people that I'm still in touch with. I hope this inspires some of you to also take a chance; one that may seem terrifying at first, but ultimately end up being the most rewarding experience of your life.If you're interested in checking out my travel series, it's called An American's Guide to Travel or AG2T. I'm in the works of editing the footage now and will soon have the documentary up and running with a daily updated blog for American travelers by an American traveler. In the meantime, please check me out at @AG2T on Twitter and Instagram and on my blog, www.AG2T.comThanks for reading!Eric
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