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Joshua Tree in the Winter is the Place to Be

Joshua Tree, CA, United States
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Never having been to the desert before, I expected a quiet, starkly empty landscape to great me and my wife as we visited Joshua Tree National Park last year during the holidays. Much to my surprise, our campsite was above 4000 ft (~1200 meters) and was surrounded by rolling hills and mountains! Full of rocky outcrops, great boulders for scrambling, and, of course, the area’s native Joshua Trees, we were able to get a taste of what a different kind of desert could be like. Also a surprise, the nightfalls in the 20s (-0s Celsius)—who knew the desert could get that chilly! Fortunately, we were able to build a warm fire and stare up at the incredibly clear and full night sky and enjoy the stars—much as our ancestors had done for millennia. Check out this wonderful park and American treasure!
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Colt's Lodge
An amazing mid-century lodge in beautiful Palm Springs. A little spendy, but it’s worth it!
Joshua Tree National Park
Joshua Tree National Park
Camp at Black Rock Canyon Campground! It has water during the winter and is close to nearby towns.


Native Foods Cafe
Grab a tasty, healthful bite at Native Foods Cafe for delicious vegan and vegetarian fare—and a pretty nice beer list to boot.
Casa Blanca Restaurant
Head to Casa Blanca Restaurant for delicious Mexican food (with decent vegetarian options, too). Left nice and full and it kept us warm for a camping trip in cold winter temps! Also, the servers here are incredibly nice!
Yucca Valley
Check out Kasa Carniceria y Taqueria. It might look like just another drab market, but head through the store to the back for delicious tacos at this hidden taqueria!

Special activities

Desert Hot Springs Spa Hotel
Take an inexpensive dip at Desert Hot Springs Spa & Hotel. This warmed up our bones during a cold camping trip!

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