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Jim Morrison's grave?, In Paris? Oh why would you go there?

Paris, Île-de-France, France
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When visiting a country, any traveler, including myself, loves to go to the major spots - Eiffel Tower, Taj Mahal, a Roman coliseum, etc., I mean they are adored and known the world over for a reason, thus I never hate on any traveler for going to those places, but to get a real feel for the city, I say sometimes it's best to go to the places less visited, or visited by the others. To me, Jim Morrison's grave is just that. I'm able to dig into a city more and ask myself why the city I'm at is admired and loved like it is. Here some of the questions in my head: Why would Morrison want to be buries here, what key does Paris have that other cities don't, why this graveyard, How does Paris fit into Morrison's character and soul. Death is something that we carry with us from the moment we realize that we will die, thus any place we choose as where we want to be buried holds significance. Morrison's grave site, I think has significance too. But it was nothing like I expected. The grave and headstone were fairly normal, for as memorable a person as he was. In fact. it is literally behind a tree, but you can tell, it is one of the top 5 site to go to in this cemetery. Also, the cemetery itself is rather easy to get to, and just a small walk from the metro station. S, when you're in Paris and have an hour or 2 to spare and/or you don't want the usual thing to do, I suggest going here
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