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Jenga for hikers

Sloatsburg, NY, United States
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If you aren't familiar with the game Jenga, it is a game of skill (sort of) where each player attempts to remove a small block of wood from a larger wooden tower, without causing the tower to fall. I played it is a kid, and was reminded of it when I was on a recent road and hiking trip. It was pretty obvious that someone, or someone's, spent a lot of time and energy on this construction. It did mark a trail junction, so a stone cairn wasn't unusual, but one that looked so fragile, at least at first glance, was.
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Points of interest

Pine Meadow trail
This is another well traveled trail in this immediate area.
Seven Hills Trail (blue markers)
One of many trails in the area. This one has blue markers.
Reeves Meadow Information Center
The nearest trail head to this stone marker is at this visitor center

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