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Jemez Historic Site in New Mexico

Bernalillo, NM, USA
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The Jemez National Historic Landmark is one of the most attractive prehistoric and historic sites in the Southwest, including the stone ruins of the San José de los Jemez church dating to 1622, and a 500 year old Indian village. Giusewa was built in the narrow San Diego Canyon by the ancestors of the today's people of Jemez (Walatowa) Pueblo, and it refers to the natural springs in the area. In the 17th century, the Spanish established a Catholic mission at the village. The heritage center contains exhibitions that tell the story of the site through the words of the Jemez people. A 1,400-foot interpretive trail winds through the ruins.
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Buy a combination ticket for Coronado and Jemez sites. They're not far about and both worth a stop.

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