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Jazz Festival in Winter Park

Winter Park, FL, United States
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I was a little skeptical at 1st about the jazz festival not because I thought it was going to be bad but just because I thought it couldn't be a high school band. Not saying high school bands are not good my son is in band, but I just didn't expect to get such an amazing festival with an amazing vibe and great entertainment. The old adage you get what you pay for is not true here at all the concert was FREE but word of advice get there early in the morning they open up at about 9 o'clock get there to save yourself a spot. The easiest way to save a spot is with a big tarp, you could sit down there and enjoy whatever food you want to bring we brought some Italian wine, some apricot cheese, and other little tidbits here and there we made it a date night and it was one to remembered.
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Winter Park Village
If you like quaint little shopping centers which are small but updated this is a perfect spot to shop at.

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