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Japan in 5 days (part 1)

Tokyo, Tokyo, Japan
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I travelled to Japan with my brother this past December. We make a short stopover in Japan while traveling to Thailand to visit my family. We stayed in Tokyo for 3 nights and Kyoto for 1 night.

Tokyo was full of life.
We stayed in the Shinjuku area. The area was very convenient because there are a lot of things that are open late. There are a lot of bars, clubs in the area, so it might not be the best place for those traveling with kids.

Highlights of Tokyo:

Ichiran ramen - my favorite ramen place!! This is actually a ramen chain with multiple locations. Buy their instant ramen and bring it back home, or you will regret it like I did!
Sushi Dai - waited 4 hours for this place and would gladly do it again!!
Rikugien Garden - my favorite place in Tokyo. It's a little park in the middle of the city. Gives you a nice little break from all the city life.
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Robot Restaurant
Robot Restaurant
Must come with an open-mind!!!

Points of interest

My favorite park in Tokyo. Very pretty and peaceful.


Tsuta Okuse
Tsuta Ramen - 1st Michelin Star Ramen (located in Tokyo) They only serve one type of noodle per day. They also use a "fast pass" system, so show up early to get a ticket and then return at the designated time on the ticket to wait in line.
Sushi Dai
Long wait, so go there super early.
Ichiran Shinjuku central east exit shop
Best ramen I have ever had!!

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