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Jamestown, VA 23185, USA
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Incredible! This is one of the most fascinating places in the United States of America! The settlement at Jamestowne has tons to see and enjoy. Check out the ongoing archaeological discoveries of the 1607 fort and one of Jamestown Settlement's ships in the James River. They have cool demonstrations of a multitude of olden day weaponry, military and maritime demonstrations, and traditional music events. Learn how woefully unprepared the settlers were (a bunch of 'gentlemen') and how unprepared they were for the task at hand. Records indicate there was cannibalism and starvation at the settlement. Grizzly! Also learn about the settler's frienemies: the Algonquian tribe. They probably was amused at how ill prepared we were to survive in the harsh New England winters, and saved our 'bacon' multiple times! Some sad stories, but ultimately a story of victory and overcoming the odds at each turn. Great way to spend the day with the family!
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