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Jamaica On Horseback

Ocho Rios, St. Ann Parish, Jamaica
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Our little group of us and the new friends that we met at the resort in Ocho Rios had just enough time and credit card credit left for one more shebang before we headed home. The girls wanted to do a horseback ride on the beach, being girls and all. I guess they thought they might see the "man your man could smell like" riding a horse backwards or something (google it ;) ) Anyways, I digress. So we signed up for a 2.5 hour riding expedition. We were picked up at the hotel in vans and carried up into the surrounding hills for a bit, then shown to our trusty steeds. It's always a gamble on the horseback thing, because many times it doesn't seem like the horses are all that well taken care of and healthy and we can't stand to ride them. But these horses looked good, and the scenery was spectacular as local kids followed us along bantering for a while, then down to the beach for the big moment. It was a fun excursion and the girls had a good time, even though we didn't see any long flowing Fabio locks or good smelling actors and such.
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