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Jakarta, Indonesia: The 'worst' traffic in the world?

Central Jakarta, Jakarta, Indonesia
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I was on a self-guided, Asian country hopping tour and on it stopped in the 'worst city for traffic' Jakarta, Indonesia.

Here's what I discovered:

While, yes, the traffic IS bad if you've spent time in many large cities during rush hour (Miami, Bejing, Manila, Bangkok, Washington, DC) it was 'comparable'. Not worse, not better but the same.

And while there is no 'subway' or intra-city train, there are dedicated buses with dedicated bus lanes to enable a bitter smoother transit.

All in all, not as bad as I was warned about. And fortunately, taxis are cheap, plentiful, and not the typical ripoff (as in some areas).
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JW Marriott Jakarta
Nice place, excellent service. Walking distance to a shopping mall.

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