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Jack's Woods

Bastogne, Wallonia, Belgium
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Jack's Woods in Bastogne, Belgium is another place where people who are curious about learning more regarding World War 2 should consider going. It's really cool because you can still see traces of the United State's work there like fox holes AND you get to hike in the woods, which is a nice way to unwind after being in the car and spending a lot of time immersed in the history of a war. I can't imagine how harsh the winter was for the troops as they waited for supplies and reinforcements! This is a place where you can really get a feel for the region and the battles that took place there.
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Culture and experiences

101ste Airborn Musea The Mess
Another must see museum is the 101ste Airborn Musea The Mess.

Points of interest

Foy, Belgium is the small place north of Bastogne where the hike is.
Les jardins du florilège
If you're a fan of gardens, check out Les jardins du florilège.
Bastogne Barracks
Bastogne Barracks is a place you should see if you're here for war history.
Bastogne, Belgium is a town you should visit if you can.


Lamborelle (Brasserie)
Lamborelle Brasserie is a nice place to get a meal.


Carrefour market
Carrefour market is a good super market where we got some snacks.

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