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Italians Have No Fear (Amalfi Coast)

Amalfi, Campania, Italy
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During my first day on the Sorrentine Peninsula just south of Capri, Italy, I wasted no time wanting to see the breathtaking Amalfi coast and it's quaint towns (such as Positano) built high into the cliffs as if they defied gravity. To get there I took a local "SITA" bus from the Sorrento town center and all along the coast towards Salerno, stopping at various points along the way. The drive was absolutely spectacular, but not for the faint at heart! Those Italian bus drivers whip around the sharp curves like a roller coaster as if there is no oncoming traffic. They'll toot their horns for oncoming traffic, and slam the breaks if an opposing bus comes. Only then they'll slowly creep past each other before it's off to the races again! I swore we were about to go over the edge on these narrow, twisty roads at times and was holding on for dear life. As crazy as the drivers may be though, they're used to it and when was the last time you've ever heard of a bus going over the edge? Almost never. It'd surely be in the news! Take a ride and enjoy it!! An exhilarating, stunning ride all in one.
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Strada Statale 163
This is the route taken right along the southern Amalfi coastline.

Culture and experiences

Amalfi Cathedral
Cathedral with significant Arabic influences. Definitely worth checking out.
Would spend my final day in Italy visiting this historic park.
Villa Cimbrone
Spectacular Villa with incredible views out to the Mediterranean and vineyards below.
Amalfi Coast
A UNESCO-World Heritage site for it's incredible beauty and history.


Seven Hostel
Awesome hostel that we stayed at for 4 days (discussed in another story)

Points of interest

Lovely town that we stayed in for 4 days.
Another mountainside village along the Amalfi Coast.
Riserva Statale Valle delle Ferriere
This protected area high in the mountains is known for a fern tree that only grows here.
Spent one of my most memorable days here (discussed in another story)
San Michele
Mountainside village that's even higher up than the highway we were on.
Conca dei Marini
One of an endless drive of vistas along the Amalfi coast highway.
Take a separate bus from the Amalfi town center (along the coast) up to Ravello and check out the Villas here. Breathtaking!!
One of several villages along the Amalfi Coast.
Breathtaking town. It's indescribably beautiful beyond any words can say.
Took the bus from downtown Sorrento and all along the Amalfi coast & back.


Ristorante Mezzaluna
Great pizza and pasta place along the route. Stopped here and had pizza and a glass of wine. Very gracious service and friendly people. Not to mention the awesome views, too!!

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by bethh1902


Love these photos! I'm going here in September and I've heard the drive is not for the faint of heart! Can't wait to see this beautiful scenery!

by cascade79


You'll love it. SO jealous! Want to go back..

by mamabear88


Glad you survived; great photos!

by Duffman2703


What a place!