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It's Sicily... Not Italy

Palermo, Sicilia, Italy
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Coming directly from Rome, Sicily was a breath of fresh air in the means of true culture without the herds of American tourists pouring out onto every street with a mapped monument. The people of Palermo are friendly, the mafia still runs the city and the coffee is to die for. It was a bit more difficult communicating here because there aren’t as many English speakers, but I enjoyed that aspect of it all; this made me feel like I was actually getting a look into another culture and way of living instead of just a manmade city for tourists to come ogle at.
The city’s monuments are very beautiful and I enjoyed getting lost walking around for literal hours at a time before realizing I had been going for at least 10 miles. The food is delicious and seafood is a specialty at most establishments, as the city is right on the water. I definitely want to go back to Palermo and spend a few weeks during the summer, instead of a few days. This is definitely a treasure of Italy!
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Hotel Mercure Palermo Centro
This hotel was really nice- our room was pretty impressive for the price.
Artemisia Palace Hotel
Beautiful hotel with the most HELPFUL staff. I loved staying here.

Points of interest

Al Castello Casa Vacanze
Took many pictures here- make sure you put this on your to-do.


Le Pergamene
I ate an entire pizza here. The entire thing.
We had great seafood pasta dishes here on different accounts during our stay. That shows you how delicious it was.

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