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İstanbul, , Turkey
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Recently, my partner and I started a two month journey through Europe. Our first destination was by far our most exotic - Istanbul. When we landed, jet lagged and a bit nervous, we called our host to find out how to meet him at the apartment we had rented. After a few hours of wading through protests on Istiklal, we finally made it. The beauty of the city is unparalled - the Hagia Sophia will take your breath away. The food is AMAZING and the beer is cheap. One evening, after schlepping our way through the ancient Sultanahmet, my partner and I decided to try out a LGBT-friendly Turkish bath recommended by Lonely Planet. I will spare you the details, but let's just say I ran out of that place on the verge of tears after witnessing a particularly crude act with a mop. But hey, crazy stories make travel totally worth it!

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