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Isle of Skye, Ancient Standing Stones

Portree, Highland, UK
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Great Britain is full of Standing Stones, left not by the Druids but by the folk who were here before the Druids (whoever they were – no one is quite sure). Stonehenge is one of the best examples, still monumental. But most of the ancient stone pillars are like the stumps of broken teeth now, worn down by the centuries of weather, easy to overlook. But there is still something magical about them. For whatever reason, somebody carefully arranged these stones – possibly to align with the stars – maybe as an altar to some ancient deity – maybe just for good luck. And here we are 7,000 years later and those stones are still tilting towards the same constellations.

I bought a little booklet that had maps and directions to all the “menhirs” on Skye, and my daughter and I spent a fair amount of time tramping across sheep meadows, unsuccessfully searching. Finally on our last day we found a set of 5 stones exactly where the map said they would be, standing unmarked in a field just a few miles from Portree. It was another day of improbably beautiful weather, so we got some great pictures.
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These stones were not far from Portree, the largest town.
Isle of Skye
Beautiful landscape everywhere you turn.

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by amoodie


Going to Skye in a couple of weeks. Have seen the stones in Avesbury, but will be excited to see them in Skye. Where did you get the guidebook?

by dreamshark


I think I found the booklet in a National Park visitor center. Or possibly the gift shop near the ferry on Skye. The coolest sites we saw on Skye were the Quirang and Faerie Glen - both more exciting than the stones. Check out my stories on those topics. (Would appreciate if you would leave kudos on my stories you find interesting). Have a great trip!