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Interpreting the Thurber Smokestack

Thurber, TX, United States
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Okay, so we have established that Thurber, Texas is a neat little Ghost Town. We have also established that it has a really cool old brick smokestack. If you are driving between Dallas-Fort Worth and Abilene on Interstate 20, this smokestack will probably intrigue you a little bit. You will probably be wondering why this towering smokestack is standing out here in rural Texas.

Thankfully, there are some interpretive signs which explain the history of Thurber. If you park near the smokestack restaurant and make the short walk over to the smokestack itself, you will see a Texas Historical Commission historic marker as well as a home-brewed historic marker on the smokestack.

These signs will explain that Thurber, Texas was a coal mining town. This is one of the very few locations where coal is readily available in Texas.
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