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Intergalactic Adventure

Chessy, Île-de-France, France
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Another Disneyland classic is Space Mountain. It's probably the most known of all Disneyland rides as it exists in some form in five of the six Magic Kingdom style parks around the world (California, Orlando, Paris, Hong Kong, and Tokyo). However, four of those five all follow a smiliar structure, theme and layout - a steel coaster in the dark, themed to space exploration, with no inversions or large drops. The Space Mountain in Paris, however, is unlike any of its overseas cousins. While still being a steel coaster in the dark, it's way more intense. There are multiple inversions, the first of any Disney attraction to flip you upside-down, and it was the first to introduce in-ride audio to the experience (now common with coasters at Disney, including the other Space Mountains). Space Mountain in Paris, or as it has now been re-themed to a Star Wars overlay of "Hyperspace Mountain" stands as Disney's best coaster ever designed and should not be missed.
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Space Mountain : Mission 2
Space Mountain : Mission 2
Indoor roller coaster at Disneyland Paris featuring inversions and now a Star Wars theme.

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