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Inside the Old Brick Spring House

Cairo, WV, United States
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After noticing the old brick spring house alongside the North Bend Rail Trail, I decided to stop and have a close look. At the time of my visit, I was actually heading towards the Silver Run Tunnel west of Cairo. Having just hiked nearly four miles up the trail from Cairo, I was ready for a brief break.

To my surprise, water still flowed through the spring house. Apparently there must be quite a bit of groundwater here. Two pipes served the spring house. One pipe carried water in, and another pipe carried water out. Both pipes were allowing the water to flow freely. Still, I would not recommend using this as a water source. You can get bottled water in Harrisville before your hike on the trail. Regardless, I was pleasantly surprised to see that the spring house was still in great shape and still functioning as intended.
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North Bend Rail-Trail
The North Bend Rail Trail will take you right to the spring house. Follow the trail west out of Cairo. You will see the spring house a short distance before the Silver Run Tunnel.

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