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Inishmore, Galway, Ireland
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Hands down my favorite day in Ireland. Afraid it was going to be a crappy, rainy day, we reluctantly piled on extra layers, rain jackets and warm clothes. We then moseyed on over to our meeting point to grab the 40 minute ferry over to Inishmore Island. As we were docking, the Irish gods yet again smiled upon us. The skies thinned out and we had the most wonderful greeting — full sunshine and blue skies. We hopped on our bikes (complete with BASKETS!!!!) and began pedaling all over the island. Granted, every 10 feet we all would stop and snap a picture of the view. A DONKEY?! YES. COWS?!! Cute little houses?!!! A stunning BEACH!! Crazy insane cliffs!! It was all beautiful, we didn’t know what to do. After we hiked, biked and strutted our stuff all over the island we were all due for a lunch and a drink (or two). We found a cute little bar in the middle of the island, plopped down for a drink/fish and chips and sat back and enjoyed the live irish music that filled our ears.
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