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Indianola, WA: a great getaway for a pup

Indianola, WA, United States
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We took the ferry out from Seattle across to Bainbridge Island and then drove up to through Suquamish to visit the beach and pier at Indianola. This mellow little hamlet spread along the shores of Port Madison has only one store, a post office and no gas station. The star of the show here is the 800ft long historic pier that used to serve as the boarding platform for the Puget Sound mosquito fleet of ferries that whisked people from Indianola to Seattle up to nine times a day. At low tide it becomes clear why the pier has to be so long as a massive sandy beach is exposed. The beach is why we made the journey on this day as our young yellow lab loves nothing more than romping in shallow water, chasing dungeness crabs and chasing a tennis ball on the beach. It's a very dog friendly area, but check the tides before you go as it's difficult to walk far at high tide.
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