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People with different interests are there in the world. Some love sports, some movies, and some want to explore new places. This is only a simple example of people’s interest, the actual categorization is huge. If we talk about people who love to travel there is another subcategory stating the type of place they want to explore. Here we will focus on the ones who are eager enough to go to haunted places around the world. For such people, we have come with a destination that is considered to be one of the most haunted places in India. Yes, we are talking about the Bhangarh Fort, which is located in the Alwar district of Rajasthan.

The History
This fort was for Madho Singh I, who was the younger son of Bhagwant Das. This fort is surrounded by the Aravali range and is situated in Bhangarh which is an abandoned town in Rajasthan.

Is Bhangarh Fort haunted?
Many researches and people’s experience & belief signifies that this fort is a haunted one. Even the Archeological Survey of India, a government organization has prohibited the entry of people into the fort before sunrise & after sunset. This is also a strong point that confirms that there something unusual in the fort. The locals and many visitors have also stated to have experienced abnormal activities in the fort. But if we talk about the statements raised by some scientists, everything that is believed to make this place the most haunted one was neglected. Those who have experienced it know and those who want to explore this place will.

Reason for the curse of Bhangarh Fort
Let us see what are the assumptions or stories make this place such a horror one. The first story is that a sadhu Guru Balu Nath allowed Emperor Madho Singh to build the city under one condition. The condition was that the shadow of the palace of the king should never fall on sadhu’s residence. If it ever happens, the city will be destroyed. When the construction of the city completed, the condition of Guru Balu Nath remained unfulfilled. The result was the destruction of the entire city as per the warning.

Another story features Rani Karnavati, she was one of the most beautiful women of those times. The magic of her beauty was the point of discussion for emperors of nearby kingdoms as well. There was a sorcerer named Singhia who used to practice black magic in the nearby forest to the Fort. The sorcerer was also aware of the physical attraction and enchanting beauty of Rani Karnavati. He wanted to marry her but was well-versed with the fact that there are many in the line. He tried to achieve his goal with the help of his black-magic powers. One day he saw Princess in the market purchasing perfume. He enchanted the perfume she was buying with the intention that after using she will surrender herself to him. But the princess read his intentions and poured the perfume on the ground which transformed into a big rock and rolled over to crush him. Before dying he cursed the entire city to death. Everything he said happened and the city never saw any rebirth after that.

What do locals say?
Many locals have experienced unseen entity slapping them or pushing them. Some have heard strange music and crying sound from the fort after sunset. If we believe locals, they have also seen unnatural shadows and unexplainable light in the fort. These statements put more weight to the rumor or fact whatever you can say about Bhangarh being the most haunted place of India. Anyone who has tried to enter the fort at night has never come back, this is also many locals have stated. The feeling you will get after entering the fort will be entirely different, that you might not have experienced ever before. This what has said by many visitors and approved by others too.

The Conclusion
All the evidence justifies that the story behind the Bhangarh Fort is true. It is also stated by most of the visitors that they felt something unusual about the place. That is the reason why government notice is also there saying it is illegal to visit the fort at night and legal action will be taken on the one who tries to breach it. All this also has the support of locals who have spent their lives living nearby Bhangarh and have experienced stranger things than those experienced by visitors. There should be something that makes this place the topmost haunted destinations of India. Rest you can experience it on your own after having a nail-biting experience of this place.

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