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Impressions of Soller

Sóller, PM, Spain
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I briefly spoke about some of my impressions of Soller in prior posts but collect them all and dedicate one post to them. As I mentioned previously, you can take the old wooden train (Ferrocarril de Soller) to Soller from Palma for about 25 euros. The journey (more so than the destination) is well worth the money as the views are spectacular. You stop a few blocks away from the city center, which is quite small. The main attraction there is the marvelous Church of Sant Bartomeu. There are restaurants, cafes, and shops all around the city center but outside of that, there is really not much to see. The area is mountainous so it does offer some nice hikes. Bring sunscreen and glasses though if you plan on hiking because there isn’t much shade.
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Points of interest

Port de Palma
The port in Palma. Nothing very special here but it is nice to walk along the port at night after dinner.
Mercat de Santa Catalina
The oldest food market in Palma that was built in 1920. Similar to Mercat de L'Olivar, you can find everything here from meats and cheese to wine and liquor.
Plaça de l'Olivar
A relatively big outdoor produce market. You can find everything here from meats and cheese to wine and liquor. Closed on Sundays!
Sant Francesc Church
A beautiful 13th century church very close to Museo de Mallorca.
Serra de Tramuntana
The gorgeous mountain range north of Mallorca. You can get here by going to Puerto de Soller from Palma.
Port de Sóller
Only a few minute tram ride north of Soller. This town offers great beaches and hiking with incredible views of the port and Serra de Tramuntana.
A small town just north of Palma. When you ride the Ferrocarril de Soller, this is where it takes you but when you buy your ticket, opt to buy the ticket that includes the tram ride to Puerto de Soller!
Banys Àrabs
Small, overpriced garden that will show up as one of the top things to do in Palma but I would avoid it!
Restaurante Melomangio
The best pasta at the most reasonable price! Extremely friendly staff!
La nueva burguesa
The best burgers in Mallorca! We had the veggie burgers and they were very good! Very friendly staff!
Arte PIzza
Amazing pizza at the most reasonable price. Very friendly staff and quick service.
While in Palma, you have to go to RivaReno but if you’re not about waiting in the massive line, you can go to Amorino for good gelato.
Mercat de l’Olivar
A number of these supermarkets can be found all over Palma. You can find pretty much everything you need here.
Catedral de Mallorca
Built in the 13th century, the cathedral underwent a restoration in the 1850s and lasted many decades. None other than Antoni Gaudi (yes the same one who is responsible for the Sagrada Familia in Barcelona), was invited to work on the reconstruction in the early 1900s. More information about the cathedral can be found here: Dress code is enforced so be mindful of that when visiting.
Castell de Bellver
The top of the castle has beautiful panoramic views of the surround area. Well worth a visit, especially if you can take advantage of the free admission.
Rivareno Heladería
Dare I say some of the best I’ve ever had! Seriously people… you have to try this! They have an amazing flavor called Contessa that is AMAZING! It consists of “Sicilian almond, crushed amaretti biscuits and a touch of hazelnut from Piedmont are enriched with caramelised almonds to achieve an amazing flavour for almond lovers.”
Hort del Rei
This magnificent garden is located just outside of the walls of the Royal Palace of La Almudania. Filled with beautiful trees, vibrant flowers, and stunning fountains, they reminded me a lot of the gardens in Iran
Mayor Plaza
Although it’s not the main square of the city, it is the main square of the “shopping district” of Palma.
Cala Major
One of the more popular beaches just south of Palma. You can go by bus from the Palma Centre, which will take you about half an hour
Lonja de Mallorca
This is actually a bit of a disappointment because the building itself is gorgeous from the outside but it’s completely empty on the inside. Sometimes they have art exhibitions that you can check out but that’s about it
Es Baluard Museu d'Art Modern i Contemporani de Palma
The modern and contemporary art museum in Palma. Fairly recently built in 2004
Royal Palace of La Almudaina
The beautiful palace right next to the cathedral. You will see lovely tapestries and enormous chambers inside. There is a cute courtyard and chapel there too!
Sa Fabrica de Gelats - Eisfabrik
Everywhere I go, I have to try gelato from the most renowned gelataria in that city. In Soller, that gelataria would be Sa Fabrica de Gelats. Walking by this shop, you could easily miss it because the entrance is so small but as soon as you enter, you see the large patio they have in the back. The gelato shop is very close to the center of the city.
Església de Sant Bartomeu
This beautiful church is the main attraction of the town of Soller, which resides roughly 1 hour north of Palma.
Tren Soller
You have the unique opportunity of taking a ride on an old 1912 train from Palma to Soller. It is a bit pricier than just taking the bus (round trip tickets to Soller from Palma are 25 euros) but I would recommend it because it’s a unique opportunity and the views are spectacular! Of note, in the summer times, it can be a bit difficult since it’s busy and there is no air conditioning on the train. But once it starts moving, it cools down a bit. My girlfriend brought a hand fan, which I highly recommend. Sit back and enjoy the ride, literally. The journey to Soller is beautiful and if you’re too busy looking at your phone or taking a nap, you’ll miss out because the destination (Soller) doesn’t have as much to see. Check the official website for timetable because the train only runs a few times a day (

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